Inbound Solutions

Our solutions enables you to handle any type of inbound call instantaneously, integrating all scripting features with inbound calling.

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Outbound Solutions

Our application allows contact centers to provide additional levels of customer service by creating, modifying, running and reporting on outbound service campaigns using comprehensive software dialer technology.

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With more than twelve years of expertise in the Computer Telephony Integration field, Mediatel Data Company has demonstrated a commitment to developing powerful solutions across a variety of business environments, always looking for a successful long-term business-to-business relationship.

Our modular, component-building applications based on the state-of-theart infrastructure, supporting all industry leading standards, represents a significant advancement in contact center services.

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Intelligent Automated Call Distribution

By assigning incoming calls to the right agent at the right time, thus minimizing customer waiting time, increasing customer experience and optimizing resources.

Audio & Video Recordings

Conversations can be recorded for later retrieval, for agents training or legal purposes.

Dynamic IVR

Delivering dynamic custom IVR's that can be deployed easily and quickly.

Preview Mode

In Preview Mode, the agent will view the customer information and manually initiate the outbound call.

Progressive Mode

In progressive mode the server will automatically dial customer phone numbers from the list provided by the supervisor.

Predictive Mode

Outbound communication using a predictive dialler is vital to companies that must optimize the use of their contact center resources.

CRM&Third party CRM Integration

Besides the possibilities to integrate with third party CRM like Oracle, SalesForce, Siebel, etc, there is a build in CRM module.

Workforce Management

Forecasting of workload and required staff, integration of employees into the scheduling process, management of working times and accounts, analysis and monitoring of the entire process.

Reports & Statistics

Detailed reports and statistics useful for monitoring activity to improve efficiency of organization and employees capabilities.

Real Time Monitoring

Custom alarms and real time parameters display allows supervisors to act proficiently.

TTS & Voice Recognition

Easily converting text into speech and translation of spoken words into text.

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