Media Call
Contact Center
Media Call Center employs state of art technology with the use of all industry leading standards and represents a significant advancement in contact center services
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Workforce management is an institutional process through which Human Resources planning is integrated with an organization’s strategic plan
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Ticketing – Email &
Social Media
This platform helps to unify and distribute emails/ messages, collaborate and respond professionally to customers, managing and involving the entire team
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Media Call Contact Center

With its state-of-the-art features and the use of a wide range of industry leading standards, media call center represents a comprehensive integration of phone, email and web interactions to differentiate your business from the competition.

Workforce Management

Our Workforce Management module is a key part of the media call center application suite and automates the manual work of contact centers' operations and planning teams.

Ticketing Automation

The ticketing system is a web-based platform which makes it easy to centralize and handle multi-channel inbound request in one ticketing system, converting emails, phone calls, chat and web requests into actionable tickets and keeping them organized.

Supporting the customers before, along and after the sale, Mediatel Data focuses on your assisting with and array of technical support, consulting and training services. This continuous and extended assistance will allow you to rely on our strong expertise and experience in CTI technology aspects and to focus only our business needs.


The full range of possible services offered:

  • technical support;
  • preventive maintenance (periodic revisions);
  • corrective maintenance (service, emergency intervention);
  • technical inspection;
  • analysis services and consultant;
  • upgrade/ update on-demand and pro-active software;
  • controlling the implementation of changes,;
  • technical support;
  • control (necessity management);
  • locally operating assistance;
  • user training (training agents and supervisors);
  • documentation for each application and module in English.

The basic principles governing the operation of the service system offered in the event of an incident are:

  • completeness;
  • filtering;
  • escalation;
  • documentation;
  • analyze.

The Help-Desk/ Hot-Line for technical support, supports the customer's IT system with specific information on system operation and functions.

The technical support system is organized primarily by direct telephone contact.

Problems raised by users are recorded by email or by phone call.

Through open channels for technical support, urgent on-call service requests or technical assistance with a dead-line solution are received.

The client's project has a well-defined contact with it’s personal contact, back-up for it (phone number and email), general address and contact number of the support team, plus description of the package and a defined timeline with updates programmed, maintained activities, etc.

Integration & Maintenance

Based on a long experience in the field of integration for very large projects, we have created a unique infrastructure and methodology without a rival.

Understanding the importance of maintenance in the life cycle of a project and considering the infrastructure created a mechanisms, some methods and procedures have been developed and implemented through which a proprietary maintenance support system has been implemented.

"Maintenance" means all the technical actions (together with associated organizational measures) performed to maintain or restore the functionality of a product.

For us, the "product" is the entire system of our customer, and the support extends as much as is allowed (by contract) and proves necessary (in reality), from equipment and software to applications, methodologies and staff training. It will reach event the customer support in terms of organizing the IT system and making decisions related to its use (consultancy).

Training & Support

We have in Bucharest a center dedicated to coordination and support of the activities carried out within the projects. This center ensures the following:

  • service management at national and international level;
  • a M-F 9-18 Hotline Line that provides technical support;
  • a 24/7 phone number with a person dedicated to the project and a back-up of the this person;
  • fix and fax telephone for taking over the requests;
  • mobile phone for taking out work requests or providing assistance during interventions in other locations;
  • means of transport that allow the coverage of at least two interventions simultaneously.

We provide support and maintenance at both regional and international level:

  • Dedicated Support Team 24/7;
  • Dedicated contact person;
  • 99.99% uptime;
  • Consultations and integration included;
  • Unlimited field and remote assistance;
  • Unlimited training sessions;
  • EN documentation for each application and module/ plugin;
  • Software and Hardware Warranty (identifying and replacing faulty hardware).

Media Contact Interaction Center

You can change parts of how Mediatel Data applications are working, to match your need, using plugin functionality or modules. This small snippets of code can change the standard behaviour of our apps.


A wallboard is a web monitoring interface that displays vital data about the progress of the contact center activity. Similar to a dashboard at a sporting event, the Wallboards are large, very visible and easy to understand.


Mediatel Data provides customers with two types of surveys: Via IVR or via email. Both can be defined as static or dynamics from step to step. Reports can be also generated for this kind of quality investigation.

Reports & Monitoring

The Supervisor application has reporting functions for both incoming and outgoing calls, with over 147 predefined reports and two reports generating customized reports.

Mediatel Data has over 100 customers around the world using our contact center products, with more than 100000 agents in 30 countries handling more than 100 million interactions each day.

25-27 Chiscani Street, Building Mediatel Data, Bucharest Romania

+40 21 233 45 33

Please take into consideration that sending an email to or will give us your consent to processing the data provided, strictly in the current relationship, according to the GDPR rules.

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