Conference is a multi-user, client-server, multi-operational system that can handle hundreds of conferences per system. Audio conferencing application stretch the conception of conference calling to include as many as 32 remote sites, each accommodated by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). With three such DSPs, up to 96 simultaneous conferences can be accommodated by one Dialogic board in three separate conferences. Using the conference feature of the PBX systems, the numbers of conferences in a single conference can be enlarged at 186, using two Dialogic boards.


  • Recording - The system allows you to record conferences on network storage units and hard disks. The records have standards based compression format (less then 2 kB per 1 second of voice recording).
  • Reports - Creates daily reports on each conference. Filters on users, date and time, etc.
  • Scheduling conferences - For outbound conferences, our solution can schedule a conference by time or by date.
  • Real-time conferences status - View real-time conferences status.
  • Phone book integrated - Our solution has a personal Phone Book integrated to make an easy job for those who manage conferences.
  • Voice messages - Allow sending voice messages to one or more phone numbers. Users can record a voice message and later can choose a group of users to send this voice message.

Available features

  • Auto scheduling of conferences (by time, date)
  • Digital recording of conversations
  • Internet management
  • Coaching conferences
  • Muting conferences
  • Disconnecting conferences
  • Adding any time the conferences by dial in
  • Automatic adding the conferences by dial out
  • On screen information about the conferences status
  • Runs on analog or digital Telco or PABX extensions
  • Remote administration