Consulting Services

Mediatel Data provides on site and remote consulting services for telecommunications products and services. We strategically analyse the client’s existing systems and network services and work to understand client requirements and then procure services to meet the identified business needs.

Our combination of extensive communications experience, know-how of the telecommunications services and a proven process makes us the preferred choice to guide your telecommunications project.

In our consulting process Mediatel Data will:

  • Analyse your business communications needs
  • Perform equipment inventory and traffic analysis
  • Perform a Gap analysis for current and proposed goals
  • Develop a set of requirements based on needs analysis
  • Select the appropriate, business oriented project development

The telecommunications industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Services, products and customers options are more complex. It is important that business clients focus on their business and their bottom line. Many business owners devote an enormous amount of their own time or their staff’s time to learn the industry.

Our ultimate goal is to help you, the management team, make the best decisions for your business.

Mediatel Data is specialized in providing consulting services for telephone equipment and services to include Call Center applications, PBX and Key systems, and Computer Telephony Integration, Mediatel Data provides hourly or project-related telecommunication consulting services as well as on-going client support services.