CTI Studio - IVR Toolkit


The CTI Studio Platform is a powerful environment for creation and management of voice communications solutions. Based on graphical programming, it reduces the time, cost and complexity of developing a wide range of voice solutions.

A unique feature of CTI Studio, apart from the blocks themselves, is the enormous flexibility it allows in defining the parameters within each block. This reduces the number of blocks needed for solving a certain problem, resulting in faster script creation and improved clarity.

Using CTI Studio you can create:

  • Interactive Voice Response – IVR Applications
  • Conference applications
  • Audio Text applications
  • Auto-Attendant applications
  • and more


  • Reduces development time - Reduces development time by 55% or more.
  • Easy development - Reduces the complexity of developing voice solutions.
  • Flexibility - Great flexibility that enables developers to create a wide range of voice solutions.
  • Technologies - Easy access to a vast range of technologies like ODBC connections, TCP/IP sockets, calling DLL user-defined functions etc.
  • Multiple voice solutions - Creating a wide range of voice solutions by combining call control functions (answer, transfer, play etc.) with custom vox files, database functions, email, fax etc.
  • Graphical Blocks - Each functionality is associated to a functional block with access to all relevant parameters.
  • Database - Connect to database sources to read, store and update information.
  • Custom functionality - Call external functions, DLLs written in C, C++, VB, Active X, and other programming languages.
  • Debugging scripts - Debugging scripts, monitoring expressions and variables.
  • Easy graphical programming - With features like “drag & drop” mechanism for adding or moving blocks, cut, copy, paste or multiple selection for blocks it’s easy to create voice solutions.

Available features

  • Power. Reliability. Speed.
  • CTI Studio's visual interface slashes administration time and costs
  • Easily build, test and run your phone services
  • Graphical script editor
  • Real time mounting of phone services
  • Phone line scalability
  • Interface with other proprietary software
  • Build applications with the database access, conferencing and switching features you need
  • Automatically monitors the telephone lines
  • Designed with the computer novice in mind