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Financial Service


Banks are looking for ways to deliver specialized and personalized service to their customers, both online and on the phone. To provide customers with the appropriate service levels, banks need to identify and segment their customers based on value and individual needs, moving from a product focus to a customer focus. High value customers must be identified to deliver specialized service, maximizing revenue per customer via cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

  • Increase efficiency of business processes such as call center management, loan processing, and electronic trading
  • Retain and expand your client base, improve cross-selling opportunities, and increase customer profitability through a better understanding of behaviour, needs, and preferences


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If you are a healthcare provider looking to reduce cost and assist your patients and customers with world-class professionalism, speak to the Mediatel Data specialists to provide you professional call center solutions.

With Media Call Center you will:

  • Increase the number of emergency calls solved per day
  • Fast access to specific data in order to improve solving time
  • Full information about patients
  • Improved data management
  • Increased efficiency



Mediatel Data has a long track record of delivering applications and solutions to the Insurance / Education industry.

Mediatel Data’s solutions improve customer service by:

  • Providing quick & easy access to standardized client data
  • Integrating claims processing
  • Improving service agent productivity
  • Accessing real-time policy information