Like the companies they represent, no two call centers are exactly alike. Voice networks, data networks, and operating systems vary as widely as business models.

Successful CTI implementations require both telephony and data expertise, but few companies can deliver both. MEDIATEL consultants have extensive experience solving voice and data interoperability issues across an array of systems environments and industries. Armed with a proven methodology and a vast knowledge repository of prior implementations, our consultants deliver solutions on time and on budget with expertise in any or all of the following areas:


Generally the initial activity for any implementation, the Assessment phase serves as a foundation for the remainder of the implementation activities. MEDIATEL consultants provide fixed-price/fixed-time contracts for all subsequent design, development and implementation services.

Assessment includes defining and documenting the following:

  • Business models and rules
  • Customer requirements
  • Existing system infrastructure (IVR, WFM, host data interfaces, desktop application API's, web and e-mail access points, etc.)
  • Existing network infrastructure
  • Report requirements
  • High-level proposed solution

Design & Systems Architecture

The objective of this phase is to develop and document a design blueprint that will be used as a build-and-implementation specification. Though prior design documents may exist, they typically do not address both voice and data issues unique to CTI implementations. Our experience in a variety of voice and data environments allows us to pinpoint potential problems quickly, thus reducing costly mistakes and implementation delays. Each high-performance solution is designed to be scalable and modular to meet the customer's current needs while providing a foundation for growth Typical activities in this phase include:

  • Systems architectures for production and development environments (Technologies may include IVR, CTI, WFM, and interfaces to existing software, desktop applications, and databases.)
  • Platform requirements (Includes server sizing, availability, fault tolerance and redundancy recommendations.)
  • Telephony carrier and data network integration
  • Routing strategies
  • Call flows
  • Desktop softphone applications
  • Attached data, screen pops
  • Testing procedures
  • Design and implementation schedules and project plans

Development & Integration

Once the design has been completed and approved by the customer, the development and integration activities commence. The tasks in this phase vary according to the customer's requirements and can include any or all of the following:

  • IVR application development, installation, and integration with the switch
  • CTI installation, configuration, and integration to ACD, IVR, desktop, web and e-mail applications
  • Database and data resource integration including middleware development for existing databases or legacy systems
  • Report development
  • Test plan development
  • Disaster recovery plan development
  • Security & audit compliance

Implementation & Project Management

Call center implementations typically involve multiple vendors, along with scores of internal and external resources. MEDIATEL assumes responsibility for coordinating resources and resolving multi-vendor solution issues. Our project management methodology prescribes a phased approach that insures CTI functionality is deployed rapidly. This allows call center agents and managers to enjoy the benefits of CTI quickly, and accelerates the customer's return on investment.

Typical activities in this phase include:

  • Hardware and server installation
  • Software application installation (CTI, IVR, WFM, host data access, desktop APIs, softphone)
  • Network connectivity established and tested
  • CTI link connectivity established and tested
  • Agent/ACD provisioning
  • Database provisioning
  • Load testing
  • Project and resource management (multi-vendor solutions)
  • Testing, certification and acceptance
  • Production turnover