Media Call Center


Media Call Center incorporates all the essential functionality required by today's leading contact centers, being a market-leader in terms of affordability, flexibility and features.


  • Price / Performance - With a good price and performant functionalities, our Call Center solution gives you the best option for your business.
  • Flexibility - Enables you to manage your sales, marketing, research, help-desk, or any other telephone work to meet your specific needs.
  • Scalability - Media Call Center system resources grow as your business requires: from few agents to thousands of agents.
  • Telephony Standards - Media Call Center system may be installed on any telephony network protocol, such as analogue lines, E1, T1, ISDN, SS7 or VoIP.
  • Database Integration - Easy integration with any external SQL type database. Our solution support interconnectivity with any ODBC compliant interface like Oracle, Sybase, Postgress, Informix, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and others.
  • CRM Integration - Easy integration with any external Customer Relationship Management application. Media Call Center package comes with a basic CRM integrated.
  • Prioritized queues - Priority levels can be applied to incoming calls to ensure that highest priority calls are answered first.
  • Intelligent skill based routing - Calls can be routed based on the agents skills. An agent may have a zero skill in a campaign and a ten skill in other.
  • Overflow agent group queuing - Calls queued for an agent group can overflow and simultaneously queued to other agent or administrative user groups.
  • Interactive Voice Response - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can help improve the service you provide to your customers. With Media Call Center you can create an IVR solution that suits the unique needs of your business.
  • Recording - Conversations can be recorded for later retrieval, for agents training or legal purposes. Call recording can be made in two ways: manually (at agent’s or supervisor’s request) or automatically - based on defined recording rules. *Optional: Video Recording
  • Instant Control - Administrators control agent assignment, instantly switching agents from one project to another. Administrators can easily setup, maintain and manage contact center activity.
  • Real-time monitoring - Updating while you watch, instant assessment of your campaign provides you a distinct competitive advantage. Graphic reports keep you abreast of contact center activity.
  • User friendly interface - Media Call Center is designed to be easily operated by any agent, supervisor, or administrator.
  • Scripting - of request, from Intelligent Call Routing queues to multi-level sales campaigns, without requiring a programmer. You can design nearly any type of script imaginable.
  • Dialers - the system allows to use any dialer algorithms, such as Preview Dialer, Power Dialer, Predictive Dialer customised for each campaign.
  • Leads Management - Media Call Center system provides necessary tools to control the leads from the database.
  • Dialing Rules - inside each campaign the dialing rules adapt to the specified algorithms for a better contact rate and for personalized client treatment.
  • Non-Vocal Interactions - Media Call Center allows management of non-vocal interactions such as chat, email, web, SMS or mobile for a single point of company interactions, in a modern contact management.

Server Architecture


The server contains the telephony interfaces (Dialogic boards) and stores all the information about queues, campaigns, agents and telephony parameters in a database. The agents’ and supervisor’s computers are connected to the same network area (LAN) as the server - facilitating real-time data communication.

Voice communication is ensured by classic telephony lines, Voice over IP (VoIP) services or by a mixed architecture.