Media Call Center is the Mediatel product with all functionalities available from the first day of use, offering customers their preferred choice of communication, including voice, email, fax, sms, web, social and IVR.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improves the customer experience with communications integrated to the customer profile.

Global Unified Queue

Blends multi-channel and work tasks for a omni-channel user experience.

Configuration For Needs

Open architecture allows customers to tailor to their specific business requirements and adjust processes or call flows as your projects change and grow.

Flexible Components

Scalable as your contact center grows with new projects and users.

Distributed, Multi-Node Architecture

Provides resiliency and fail-over capability for a high availability architecture.

Pain-Free Upgrades

Long-term value from an extensible business solution and a component architecture that is easily upgradeable for the addition of new features and channels.

Leverage Investments

Maintain costs and quality standards while implementing the new project.

Lower total cost of ownership

Minimizes down to zero upfront IT and professional services engagement, and includes standard product maintenance and support.

Workforce Management is all about assigning the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time. Achieving cost-effective by accurate analysis and forecasting helps contact centers strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing.

Workforce Planning Design

When designing the working plan, several steps should be followed:

  • analysis of the volume of incoming calls for the previous period;
  • prediction of the volume of incoming calls for next time interval;
  • outlining the staffing requirements for the target period ( depending on the predicted workload, targeted performance and outgoing campaigns), the shifts for next period and the number of agents required for each shift;
  • establish the "body in chairs";
  • define which activity to be performed by each of the agents on each time interval of the allocated shifts.

Furthermore, planners are provided with a consistent set of tools to achieve optimal resource distribution: Shifts' Designer, Agent Rostering, Daytime Activities Designer and Time-off Management.

Staffing Requirement Forecast

For workforce planning to be successful, one must be able to accurately predict the short, medium and long-term staffing requirements.

The Workforce Management application gives you a way to accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound, blended and back office resources.

Making the right decisions means taking into account skill levels, scheduling constraints, regulatory labor restrictions, demand and service level obejctives.

Analysis & Monitoring

The application records every deviation between the planned schedule and the actual situation, and it's done in real time. It can also determine whether your staffing requirement forecasts were accurate, and whether everything is going according to schedule.

In addition, comprehensive reports based on your business needs help you compare targets with actual data, all the touch of a button.

Ticketing system is a web-based platform which makes it easy to centralize and handle multi-channel inbound requests on one ticketing system, converting emails, phone calls, chat and web requests into actionable tickets and keeping them organized.

Email Ticketing System

The solution to better email management is to automatically, and intelligently respond to in-coming email. Our email ticketing module taps into the shared-inbox email workflows, filtering incoming customer support emails and aggregating them in a centralized, feature-rich email ticketing system.

Using a flexible, rule based workflow engine, email can be converted into helpdesk tickets that are uniquely numbered and assigned to the correct person or skill group within your business.

Once a ticket is created, it becomes an active part of the helpdesk workflow process that you define.

A real-time notification system keeps agents and supervisors informed about other tickets created, customer replies or staff assignment.

Furthermore, a Helpdesk analytics dashboard brings reports and metrics that help assess the entire workflow performance - information like recent tickets, ticket inflow, status, priority distribution and performance of your team.

Key Features
  • automatically converts new email senders details into a helpdesk contact;
  • automatically assigns email requests to the appropiate person or skill group based on flexible rules;
  • sends and reads plain text or HTML email;
  • all embedded images, attachments or other files are logged and attached to the corresponding helpdesk ticket. Outgoing email can contain multiple attachments, knowledge base articles and hyperlinks to online helpdesk/ knowledge base resources;
  • creates multiple "email profiles" to scan different email inboxes. Each profile can have different rules, workflow and logging options defined. New emails can be converted into a helpdesk ticket and replies to previous email can be added to the previously logged job;
  • all email activity is logged for analysis and review.

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