VoiceLog® - Recorder


VoiceLog® is a multi-user, client-server, multi-operational system that can record a number of 200 hundred phone channels per system. Available in various configurations, VoiceLog® server application can be installed in offices with or without PABX, in front of the PABX or like PABX extension.


  • Three user types - System administrator – full access to all information and operation. The only user that can add, modify or delete passwords and view history. Line administrator – all the system administrator’s rights, but only for a phone line Line agent – have rights to listen records for the line on which is assigned
  • Archiving - Any line or system administrator can archive records. The record tool creates zip archives.
  • Flag Records - Users can flag a record as “important”. The records marked with this flag cannot be deleted.
  • Filtering Records - Filter records by phone line (one line, many lines, lines interval), CallerID, extension number or date and time.
  • Alerts - The application could send an e-mail to one or more addresses when the “Low disk space” message occurs. The application is using a local e-mail server, so you will have to create an account for the Recorder.


  • Up to 256 simultaneous recording channels per unit and unlimited hours of audio archived
  • The record starts only when the call is connected
  • Unlimited numbers of recorded conversations
  • User friendly management tool for recorded conversations from any computer with sound card (listen, delete, archive)
  • Back-up solution
  • Remote administration for the system
  • History – keep track of any modifications on the records
  • Filter records by CallerID, extension number, date and time